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Buy New Lifts

With one phone call, Island CERTS technicians will come to your auto shop and help you decide what lift you need. If you want to explore on your own, go to, check services tab, click on auto lift tab and see what make and model of auto lift you need.

Island CERTS technicians will order your lift, ship it to Guam and charge you challenger's retail price, plus shipping, if you sign a one-year service agreement with us.

We will deliver, install, and load test your new auto lift. New or modified electrical connections are available by our certified electrician

Excellent Inspection and Load Test

Thorough inspections and load test​, including easy-to-understand deficiency lists that allow you to know what you need to keep your auto lifts up to OSHA safety standards.

Technicians who can diagnose problems, order parts and repair your lifts.

A service contract that entitles you FREE yearly preventative maintenance and challenger auto lifts at the retail price.

Excellent Service

Affordable prices

Free Preventative Maintenance

Auto Lift Institution Certified Inspectors

Challengers Auto Lift Distributors for Guam and the Marianas

Trained auto-lift technicians

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