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David A. Barnhouse



Nancy Xania Barnhouse



J-Harvey Culejara 


Dominic "DJ" Mailuw

Shop Manager


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Kevin Terlaje

Crane Operator II

Born and raised in Agat, Guam, Kevin and his partner Jamie De La Cruz are raising their four children in his hometown. ​ Working for Island CERTS since 2017, Kevin is a crane operator, who said he hopes someday to run the crane program. Before working for Island CERTS, he was a rigger and a foreman at Cabras Marine and had experience working at DZSP and the Guam Shipyard. When asked why he works at Island CERTS, Kevin gave one of his Cheshire cat smiles: “I love working for Island CERTS,” he said. “David and Nancy give me a chance to learn more, and they treat me and my family very well.”

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Dominic "DJ" Mailuw

Shop Manager

My story begins on the wonderful island of Yap. I come from a big family where everybody knows everybody. I grew up island style, where every day I fished and sailed on the beautiful blue ocean. I have seen and caught some of the most exotic and colorful fish in the sea. Yap is a place where I learned to work with my hands from a very young age. Living in Yap also means that I wasn't exposed to the American way of life until I moved to Guam. I moved to Guam in 2005, seeking an education at Guam Community College (GCC) with a burning desire to figure out how engines work. I finished one semester of GCC and found that I couldn't quite satisfy my thirst for knowledge. So, I applied at a couple of different places and Ocean Jet club hired me as a Jet Ski mechanic! This job satisfied my sponge-like thirst because in just two years I learned how to tear apart a Jet Ski from top to bottom. Plus, I was able to put everything back together, correctly! I even learned bits and pieces of Japanese from the many tourists that came to have fun on the water. In 2008 I moved on to bigger and better opportunities. Island Certs Corporation (ICC) took me on as a welder and fabricator. I did not go to school for welding or have much experience. I knew though, that a good attitude and being willing to work hard would help me to grow at ICC. I have been working here at ICC for 12 years and I have definitely expanded my horizons. I am now a welder/fabricator, heavy equipment technician, and a nationally certified crane operator. I am in an apprenticeship program for mechanics. I love and enjoy my job and hope for many years to come.

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Bret Mclean

NDT inspector

I was born in Georgia and served in the U.S. Navy from March 1992 until April 2012 as an aircraft mechanic before retiring. I started working for Island CERTS Corporation in Dec 2015 as a shop dog. These days I am a flatbed truck driver, the person inspecting and load testing MSC slings. I am learning to become a crane operator and heavy equipment operator as well. I work for Island CERTS Corporation because I wanted to work for a company that would offer me the chance to grow and do something different.


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